Split system air conditioner


Mini Split Systems

If you need to efficiently cool rooms where it would not be possible to run ductwork for a split system, then you should definitely consider a ductless Mini Split System. A mini split system is quiet and extremely efficient in order to keep your electrical cost down and your comfort at the highest level. A Mini split system consist of an outdoor unit that connects to one or more indoor units. When using multiple indoor units, you can control the temperature of each indoor unit independently. Mini split systems have several advantages over typical ducted systems and with the affordability that makes them a viable option.

These mini split systems are a common solution when you have a bedroom that you want cooler than the remainder of the home. Sure, you could always put the central air conditioning system on a lower temperature in order to get a particular room cooler, but why cool an entire space and waste the energy when only needed for one room. Many customers enjoy sleeping with the temperature cooler than in the rest of the home. With a Mini Split System, you can cool a single room without having to change the temperature in the entire home.

A Mini Split System is also a very common system to see in the commercial market. They are seen in hotels, condominiums, restaurants, warehouses, IT rooms and many other places. In computer rooms where temperatures increase because of the heat that the computers and servers generate it is very beneficial to have a mini split system.

We offer mini split systems of all make and models and specific to your needs. Whether you want to cool one bedroom or an entire commercial building, we have the right system for you!