We have customers in different countries that come to us for their equipment needs. Whether you know exactly what you need and have equipment specs and exact requirements or if you need help selecting the right equipment for your project, we will be glad to help guide you through the entire process.

Your systems electrical components must match the electrical source, of where it will be installed. Every system is not the same and its better to make sure that your system is setup to work with the correct electrical requirements available at the installation site.

Ensuring the right equipment is selected is crucial to avoid delays, waste unnecessary money and avoid all sorts of problems in the long run.

Commercial air conditioning equipment

We offer wholesale air conditioning online sales and support. Whether you are exporting air conditioning equipment or searching for AC equipment online Florida, trust CB sales for your air conditioning needs. Export air conditioning equipment is how we started our business and the market for wholesale air conditioning online equipment just opened up to us. We started with AC equipment online Florida and then began servicing customers all over the world. There was also a large demand for export air conditioning equipment online for the Caribbean and Central America. Wholesale air conditioning online became what we were most involved with. Since then we have export air conditioning equipment for all major countries in Latin America and North America. We would like to have the opportunity to offer you our prices for wholesale air conditioning equipment online whether you’re looking for 100 air conditioning systems or just one single mini split or other air conditioning system. We also offer refrigeration equipment like coolers and freezers for commercial and residential customers. We are able to supply air conditioning and export air conditioning equipment parts for spare or to keep in your warehouse or service vehicle for emergency use. Whether you’re using AC equipment online Florida or in any other part of the nation we will make sure your orders are placed in a time sensitive manner. We pride ourselves in selling quality air conditioning equipment for both residential and commercial clients.