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We have customers in different countries that come to us for their equipment needs. Whether you know exactly what you need and have equipment specs and exact requirements or if you need help selecting the right equipment for your project, we will be glad to help guide you through the entire process.

Your systems electrical components must match the electrical source, of where it will be installed. Every system is not the same and its better to make sure that your system is setup to work with the correct electrical requirements available at the installation site.

Ensuring the right equipment is selected is crucial to avoid delays, waste unnecessary money and avoid all sorts of problems in the long run.

Commercial air conditioning equipment & residential air conditioning equipment

CB Sales International specializes in HVAC equipment sales worldwide and can help you with all your HVAC equipment needs. Whether you are looking to export commercial air conditioning equipment, a mini split system, refrigeration equipment, ice machine parts, or refrigeration supply, you can trust us to help get you what you need. CB Sales International specializes in wholesale HVAC equipment and can get you competitively priced equipment delivered directly to you. Weather you’re based in North America, Latin America, Central America or the Caribbean, we have your wholesale HVAC equipment needs covered.

Most of our clients understand the importance of being prepared and order equipment and parts to have on hand in case of an emergency. We are able to provide the best prices on parts on all our HVAC equipment sales because of our long term relationships with AC parts distributors. We pride ourselves in our professional, timely service and for selling quality air conditioning equipment for both residential and commercial clients. We are also proud of being able to fill any order regardless of size or quantity. If you’re looking for 100 air conditioning systems, one single mini split system, or a small batch of refrigeration equipment like coolers and freezers we can provide what you need.

refrigeration supplier

Export air conditioning 

CB Sales International has years experience with worldwide HVAC equipment sales. We can export air conditioning equipment with ease and in a timely manner to where you need it most. For businesses, we can cover your commercial air conditioning equipment, ice machines, ice machine parts, and refrigeration supply needs so your clients stay comfortable and happy with your establishment. Residents can also call us for their home’s HVAC needs including Single Split System, Dual or Mini Split System, VRV or VRF systems. Knowing that pre-installed air conditioner and its equipment are prone to damage after years of usage, we offer timely delivery of equipment when you need it most.

Be it any commercial air conditioning equipment or a residential HVAC need, we believe in timely delivery of quality products. We are proud of our longstanding, professional relationships with AC parts distributors and HVAC vendors. This is how we are able to provide you with wholesale HVAC equipment prices and timely service. Our export air conditioning business is built on service and keeping the client and their needs first and partnering with the best vendors in the industry. Not sure what you need? No problem! Our experienced export air conditioning sales team can work with you to make sure you get the right wholesale HVAC equipment for your specific needs and specifications.

Don’t wait and call our export air conditioning company today! CB Sales International is here for you and all your wholesale HVAC equipment needs.

Get HVAC Wholesale Services From CB Sales!

As leaders in the area of mechanical contracting, we possess decades of experience working with customers who require HVAC wholesale, maintenance, troubleshooting, renovations, and new housing projects. These services fall under the scope of our expertise. No one is more aware than we are of the fact that it is of crucial relevance to each of our customers that each of these tasks is finished thoroughly, on time, and without exceeding the allotted budget. We have experience in every aspect of the refrigeration and HVAC sector, beginning with the initial site inspections and continuing through the budgeting, purchasing, bargaining, installation, and equipment start-up and final inspections (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning). So, fulfill all your HVAC wholesale needs from CB Sales today!

How does an Air Conditioner Work?

The three basic components that make up an air conditioner are the compressor, the condenser, and the evaporator. While the compressor in your air conditioning unit is working to boost the tension on the refrigerant, it is drawing heat from the air within the building. The refrigerant is allowed to become progressively hot within the condenser, where it is then allowed to condense before being forced out by a blower fan. The water condensate that is generated during the cooling process is removed by the evaporator component. The process by which air conditioning removes heat from the atmosphere in your home occurs in a continuous cycle that begins with the removal of heat from the air and ends with its addition. Do you require a mini split wholesale? You must contact CB Sales ASAP!

Our clientele quickly extended to include people from outside of the immediate area. In addition, each of our customers still needs expert guidance and assistance with the selection, acquisition, purchase, and delivery of their respective pieces of equipment. We quickly reached a point where the export, as well as wholesale division, was in such high competition that we decided to launch a new company to better serve our rapidly expanding global customer base. Because of this, CB Sales was established. to supply our wholesale and export customers with comprehensive support and service. You can get the best deals on air conditioning parts from us, so what are you waiting for?

Ventilation Systems are Important Parts

Air conditioning is not only one of the most important systems in a home but also one of the most energy-intensive systems. Looking for air conditioning parts? We’ve got you covered! The largest consumers of energy are HVAC systems, particularly during the colder and warmer months, respectively. However, if you follow certain straightforward maintenance methods, like cleaning as well as replacing air filters regularly, you may be able to reduce the cost of using your air conditioner. Allergens can be caused by a variety of things, including pollen, dust mites, mold spores, and other contaminants found in indoor air. Therefore, routinely replacing your air filter is going to be beneficial. Clients can also fulfill their needs related to refrigeration equipment by contacting us.

Correct Sizing is Important

When installing an air conditioning unit, you need to ensure that it has the correct dimensions. To look at it another way, the cooling system that you install ought to be able to adequately chill the room or area that it is meant to serve. If the air conditioner that is installed in the room is too tiny for the space, it may have to work too hard to meet your demands for cooling. Your air conditioning system will eventually start using an excessive amount of electricity or it may even stop working altogether. You may need to repair the unit faster than you had planned. Still choose an air conditioner unit that is suitable for your space and the cooling demands you have, as this will help you to limit the needless costs of maintenance, energy bills, as well as early replacement. Refrigeration equipment can also be found on our website, so visit today!