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CB Sales is your top resource for cold storage solutions. Whether you run a restaurant, a grocery store, or another type of company, we are sure to carry the products you need to operate efficiently. We offer walk in coolers, walk in freezers, and all kinds of other refrigeration equipment items. Among our most popular pieces of merchandise are glass door coolers and refrigerators. These have a modern aesthetic and allow you and your employees to easily see what is being stored in each container. We pride ourselves on providing affordable rates to all of our clients

If you operate any type of food service establishment, it’s important to have a reliable commercial refrigerator, so you can hold and store ingredients, leftovers, prepped sauces, and frozen meals. Whether you’re looking for a full walk-in cooler or commercial freezer, or you need a smaller under counter or prep unit, we have you covered. We also carry merchandising units that will keep meats, cheeses, deli salads, and other perishable items fresh while enticing customers to purchase them.

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To fulfill any commercial and residential need of Refrigeration equipment, CB Sales is the most versatile entities of this industry. From Merchandising refrigerators and freezers, Prep refrigerators, Reach-in commercial Refrigerators to Refrigerated Display Cases, Worktop Freezers we offer everything. Refrigeration equipment aid diversified applications from Grocery stores, Pharmaceutical & medical, cafeteria, Restaurants, Dairies, Hotels to industrial use to preserve eatables and beverages. CB Sales deals with the wide assortment of refrigeration equipment from multiple brands and that too are available at reasonable pricing. Having been in this for years we have links with reliable vendors and this assist us to ensure quality services.

Due to the availability of multiple refrigeration equipment, selection and purchase process become troublesome. This variance in range depends on quality, capacity, size, requirement, voltage etc.  Refrigeration units come with multiple door types having split or half doors, glass doors, solid doors, to enhance the visibility and performance of workshop. These machines could be automatic or hand handle. We supply energy efficient, reliable, easily operable appliances with technological compatibility.

Even if you are not sure about your requirements, our deft salesmen would suggest you the best to suit all your requirements. You can also avail our online services to know more about it or contact us directly. Our deft and expert technicians are well versed with every nook and corner of refrigeration industry and hence can guide yours thoroughly. We have links with reliable agents; hence we offer the best quality of products with assured longevity. With us, you can enjoy smooth and easy handling of all your orders. We can guide you thoroughly about the installation process to avoid troubles. Even if your refrigeration unit faces any fault, we are ready to assist you round the clock.

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