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CB Sales is your top resource for cold storage solutions. Whether you run a restaurant, a grocery store, or another type of company, we are sure to carry the products you need to operate efficiently. We offer walk in coolers, walk in freezers, and all kinds of other refrigeration equipment items. Among our most popular pieces of merchandise are glass door coolers and refrigerators. These have a modern aesthetic and allow you and your employees to easily see what is being stored in each container. We pride ourselves on providing affordable rates to all of our clients

If you operate any type of food service establishment, it’s important to have a reliable commercial refrigerator, so you can hold and store ingredients, leftovers, prepped sauces, and frozen meals. Whether you’re looking for a full walk-in cooler or commercial freezer, or you need a smaller under counter or prep unit, we have you covered. We also carry merchandising units that will keep meats, cheeses, deli salads, and other perishable items fresh while enticing customers to purchase them.

High-Quality Refrigeration equipment and its Parts

The increasing production of temperature dependent products has a direct impact on the requirements of refrigeration equipment. To counter this, we have increased the availability of freezing units and all such parts that can facilitate its smoother functionality. We supply accessories and parts for commercial freezer and refrigerator which can let any unit work optimally. Our entire stock pertains to rich quality to ensure trouble-free usage for the users.

We dedicate our service completely to you, our main users, and for them, we ensure the prolonged working capacity of all our equipment. Our well-qualified engineers and technicians double check the equipment before releasing it. Moreover, whenever any glitch appears, our repair team tries to fix it at the earliest. Our visionary team makes all efforts to keep the user contented.

Our Latest Additions:

Our latest stock covers under counter refrigerators and freezers, worktop refrigerators and freezers, commercial chef bases, refrigerated countertop condiment holders, commercial chest freezers, the dual temperature under counter refrigerators, commercial walk-in refrigerators, and commercial blast chillers. This is not all; we have a lot more to withstand upcoming requirements. We offer a wide range of refrigeration units for all kinds of residential and commercial usage of all sizes.

Our stock includes both branded and non-branded Refrigeration supply of all sizes which can be fit all the units to fulfill all the requirements. This includes indoor air quality products, accessories, electronic connectors, chemicals, tools, controllers, refrigeration equipment and heating ventilation, air conditioning systems etc. To know more you can contact our experts, we are always ready to assist you. Our deft salespersons would ensure you buying the right part or product for the unit for this they would guide you thoroughly as per your requirement.